Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Automatic blind carbon copy (BCC) using Postfix, Sendmail and Zimbra

Blind Carbon Copy is a method of sending email messages to recipients without discovering other recipients of the message. This concept originally applied to paper correspondence and now also applies to email. It is common practice to use the BCC field when addressing a very long list of recipients, or a list of recipients that should not know each other, e.g. in mailing lists.

Move all recipients to BCC

With MSH Traffic Policy you can very easily move all recipients to BCC field. Application have built-in dedicated action for this.

Automatic BCC recipients.

Hide big lists of recipients

What if someone in your company made a mistake and add all mailing list recipient to TO field? Then you will have a problem. You could set up rules to prevent this problem.

Use recipients counting mechanism. Message recipient count condition will count e-mail addresses in TO field and if there are more than specified number of emails then will move them to BCC field.

You can also use other actions and conditions to mix variety of scenarios. Learn more about MSH Traffic Policy.