Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sendmail, Postfix - Out of Office - Mozilla Thunderbird extension installation

MSH Out of Office Assistant is solution which extends Postfix and Sendmail functionality with client side auto replies. Users can turn on/off, define message, forward message and set time range of own statuses.

XPI extension file

When you've out of office XPI file select form Mozilla Thunderbird Tools | Add-ons menu. Next from Tools for all addons menu select Install Add-on From File.

Tools | Add-ons, Install Add-on From File...
Select from hard disk {xpi-filename}.xpi file. Mail client extension will seamlessly integrate with Mozilla Thunderbird.

New submenu MSH Out of Office Assistant in Tools menu.

 After installation in menu Tools will be new MSH Out of Office Assistant menu position.

Whole organization administration

Admin Panel provide central management of server settings and users out-of-office assistant settings. Prevent of sending auto reply to mailing lists or spam. Set up Loop Protector to auto replies in specific period of time.

Use application for FREE up to 15 end users.

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