Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Domain disclaimer for Zimbra, Postfix and Sendmail

Disclaimers are a common part of business email signatures, whether for legal compliance or simply part of their “best practice” procedure. MSH Disclaimer & Signatures it's a server side solution for Zimbra, Postfix and Sendmail mail server. Email disclaimers aren't a problem when they're simple, but when we want something more sophisticated it's a bigger solution to solve. What we cannot achieve with other applications on the market:
  • add different domain per group or per domain
  • skipping adding another disclaimer if already present in the message
  • set time range to use different footers on the vacation or Christmas
  • and many more...
Disclaimer appended to email message.

With automatic email disclaimers, every message sent from your organizations account has a disclaimer added by the server, keeping you compliant with legal and professional requirements without the worry of end-user tampering.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Zimbra and Postfix disclaimer - Server Token

MSH Disclaimer & Signatures is an external standalone mail add-in which integrate with your mail server through official and standardized Milter API. With built-in compose editor you'll create HTML and Plain Text rich disclaimer templates. Multiple conditions and exceptions will help with specifying range of message to which append disclaimer. No duplicates, skip adding another signature if already present in email message.

Server Token

Server token can be found in two places. First place is on Tools | License page in desktop Admin Panel.

Server Token on License page.

Second place is in settings service log file, file is located in /opt/msh-ds/var/log directory.

Server side disclaimers

Centralized disclaimers for your mail server, with different requirement many, even complex conditions can be set:

  • add disclaimer only to specified users,
  • per domain,
  • only to outgoing messages,
  • with special header
  • almost anything.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Count attachments with Postfix, Zimbra and Sendmail

Someday ago I was asked to count all attachments which were going through mail server. It looks like a simple task, but what if it could be even simpler?

MSH Traffic Policy it's a heavy duty machinery for email processing, it's suited for almost every action which could be done with email flow.

Attachments count condition/exception

Application have built-in requirements for checking how many message have attachments. Based on this condition, message could be blocked, attachments removed and disclaimer appended.

Count attachments condition.

Attachments count variable

Any message property could be passed to script and then to file, database, or network share. Advanced variables together with Run Executable action makes email statics very easy.

Need something else?

Application works as milter which integrate with popular mail servers, like: Postfix, Sendmail and Zimbra. Server side rules for automatic control flow, will help with:
  • blocking unwanted spam
  • limiting number of recipients, attachments, sent messages
  • modify message headers, sender and recipients
  • create autoreplies and append disclaimers

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Filtering based on Envelope Sender

Policy daemon for Postfix, Sendmail and Zimbra, it allows MTA to check and modify mail envelope information, message MIME headers, and message body. It adds disclaimers, sent auto replies, strip attachments, block messages and rate limit outgoing emails.

Envelope Sender condition

An email message hat two addresses associated with sending it, the envelope sender, and the From address. The envelope sender is used by mail servers and From address is used by people. In most cases mail clients shows only From address, because the envelope sender and the From address should match. But they don't always, and they don't have to.

Evenlope Sender condition/exception.

Match envelope sender with Wildcards or Regular Expressions, it gives a wide range of email address match possibilities. Ie. *@gmail.com will match all messages which are sent from gmail.com.

Server side rules

MSH Traffic Policy is a sophisticated mail filter for Zimbra, Postfix and Sendmail, which extends MTA functionality with powerful server side rules. If you need to take control over mail flow read more about MSH Traffic Policy...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Advanced variables with MSH Traffic Policy

MSH Traffic Policy for Postfix and Sendmail is an email management system which allows to set server sided rules for automatic content control and flow administration.

If you need to:
  • take control over your mail flow 
  • block unwanted spam 
  • check email messages sensitive content 
  • limit number of recipients, attachment or message size 
  • modify message headers, message sender and recipients 
  • sent new and forward messages 
  • add disclaimers

MSH Traffic Policy main application window.

Advanced variables?

Variables could be used in actions and conditions, they will be replaced with proper values while processing messages.

Message Misc 
  • ${message:id} Message unique identifier, value of X-MSH-Id header added by MSH Traffic Policy. 
  • ${message:subject} Message subject, shortcut for ${message:header:subject}. 
Message Envelope 
  • ${message:envelope:sender} Message envelope sender. 
  • ${message:envelope:recipients} Message envelope recipients. If more than one then separated with comma. 
  • ${message:envelope:recipients:count} Message envelope recipients count. 
Message Size 
  • ${message:size} Message size in default size unit (kB). 
  • ${message:size:b} Message size in bytes. 
  • ${message:size:kb} Message size in kilobytes 
  • ${message:size:mb} Message size in megabytes. 
  • ${message:size:gb} Message size in gigabytes.

That's all? No.

It's only small part of advanced variables and overview. Find out more about policies for Postfix and Sendmail...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How to forward/redirect email to another address – Postfix & Sendmail

Milter autoresponder which integrate with mail servers. Set common support auto responses, marketing campaigns, vacation auto replies or out of office messages. Auto-replies triggered based on message sender, recipients, headers and time range.

Setup message forwarding

After making auto reply rule it's good idea to define email forwarding. Original message could be redirected to technician which is processing support cases, or to boss assistant.

Rule wizard forward page.

Specify email address of recipient which will receive original message. Optionally define new subject of forwarded message. Use $SUBJECT variable which will be replaced before sending forward with original message subject.

LDAP, Loop Protection

Prevent of creating loops between servers by using built-in loop protector. Integrate with LDAP directory service and use dynamic variables inside auto replies.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sendmail, Postfix - Out of Office - Mozilla Thunderbird extension installation

MSH Out of Office Assistant is solution which extends Postfix and Sendmail functionality with client side auto replies. Users can turn on/off, define message, forward message and set time range of own statuses.

XPI extension file

When you've out of office XPI file select form Mozilla Thunderbird Tools | Add-ons menu. Next from Tools for all addons menu select Install Add-on From File.

Tools | Add-ons, Install Add-on From File...
Select from hard disk {xpi-filename}.xpi file. Mail client extension will seamlessly integrate with Mozilla Thunderbird.

New submenu MSH Out of Office Assistant in Tools menu.

 After installation in menu Tools will be new MSH Out of Office Assistant menu position.

Whole organization administration

Admin Panel provide central management of server settings and users out-of-office assistant settings. Prevent of sending auto reply to mailing lists or spam. Set up Loop Protector to auto replies in specific period of time.

Use application for FREE up to 15 end users.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Remote connection to mail server with Administration Panel

With MSH Disclaimer & Signatures you will extend your mail server, like Postfix, Sendmail and Zimbra with server side disclaimers. Append footers to outgoing, internal or incoming messages.

Add mail server

Before connecting to mail server can be made Milter must be installed on it. Then you need to connect to this server. To define new server click Add Server button.

Add Server button.

Application can work with real and test server. Option to simulate connection could be used when you don't want to install Milter on mail server and only want to check how application works and what functions are supported.

Define real or simulation server.

To connection server IP or hostname is needed. By default application is using 1107 TCP port. If you didn't change it then leave it.

Want more?

You will add disclaimers to all type of messages:
  • append HTML and Plain Text disclaimers
  • make disclaimers to look the same in each messages
  • prevent of disclaimer duplication
  • define scope of senders, recipients and time range to add different disclaimers

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Limit the number of TO/CC/BCC recipients

I've seen on Postfix, Sendmail and Zimbra forums questions about limiting the number of recipients:

Maybe I've missed it but is there a way to limit the amount of recipients to prevent users to sent emails to too many recipients at once?

Is there an approved way of configuring a maximum number of recipients per message? For example, spammer/salesman tries to email his latest leaflet to every email address he has ever seen - spammer adds 50000 recipients to his email and sends it off.
Im pretty sure "smtpd_recipient_limit" in Postfix does this fine, but how to limit only TO field and CC, BCC leave not checked?
Thanks for any tips etc!

MSH Traffic Policy

It's a sophisticated email management system that allows to set server side rules for automatic content control and flow administration. One of the condition which could be used is Messsage Recipients Count condition. It will count recipients in TO, CC or BCC or in all of them.

Message Recipients Count condition.

When user sent message with too many recipients application could:
  • block message
  • move all recipients to BCC field
  • or do one of many other actions...

What else?

This software is for you when you want to:
  • take control over you mail flow
  • append HTML and Plain Text disclaimers
  • check messages for sensitive content (credit cards numbers etc.)
  • manage attachments (add, remove, strip, compress)
  • modify message headers, sender and recipients
  • block unwanted spam
  • create auto replies based on advanced conditions
  • limit number of recipients, attachments, message size, number of sent messages
  • sent new and forwarded messages

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Prevent of an auto-responder loop

An email loop is an infinite loop phenomenon, resulting from mail servers, scripts, or email clients that generate automatic replies or responses. If one such automatic response triggers another automatic response on the other side, an email loop is created. The process can continue until one mailbox is full or reaches its mail sending limit. In theory, the email loop could last indefinitely. Email loops may be caused accidentally or maliciously, causing denial of service. Although rare, email loops involving more than two participants can also occur. - Wikipedia

Configure Email Loop Protection

ELP can be set and configured with Rule Wizard on Protection tab. Application count how many times an auto reply was sent to the same recipient in specified time interval.

Email Loop Protection in Wizard Rule.

Time interval:
  • minute
  • hour
  • day
  • week

What is MSH Autoresponder?

MSH AR it's a milter which extends Postfix, Sendmail and Zimbra mail server. It give capabilities to set server side autoreplies based on many conditions, like:
  • sender,
  • recipient(s),
  • header(s),
  • subject,
  • time range;
Together with built-in Administrator Panel powerful gui application, server administrator (or authorized user) can define many rules for auto messages, like:
  • out of office states for single mailboxes,
  • vacation auto replies,
  • common marketing or support replies;

Find out more about MSH Autoresponder for your mail server...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Postfix and Zimbra Disclaimer – Rule Name

MSH Disclaimer & Signatures is a Postfix, Sendmail and Zimbra milter which add disclaimers to all types of messages: HTML, Plain Text, incoming, outgoing, per domain. With graphical Administration Panel you will create rich text disclaimers and signatures. Templates can be added based on sender, recipient, header, keyword or time range.

Signature Rule Name

When creating a new rule with Rule Wizard on Name page you need to define it name. Rule could be anything which will describe function of rule. Rule display name will be visible on rules list and in log files of application. It will help to trace what was done with message.

Set rule name with Rule Wizard.

Add Disclaimers, prevent duplicates

Create server side, centralized disclaimers for all or only specified messages. Add signatures to outgoing emails and prevent from adding another one. Use built-in HTML and Plain Text compose editor to create rich text disclaimers.

Find out more about MSH Disclaimer & Signatures...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ouf of Office extension for Sendmail and Postfix

MSH Out of Office Assistant is a solution for extending your mail server with OOF functionality. It's integrate server side with MTA, like Postfix and Sendmail. Client side adds to Thunderbird mail client add-on for end users, they will have ability to change own out-of-office state and define auto reply message.

Administrator Panel lets to manage all users/mailbox states and other server settings.

Installing Administrator Panel on Linux desktop

Download latest version of application. Before running install script executable bit needs to be set:

chmod +x msh-o3a-admin.bin

Now run the installation script.


When everything will run without errors, after installation application could be found in $HOME directory of current users.


Learn more about MSH Out of Office Assistant...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Postfix - Automatically add attachments to specified emails

Postfix is a mail transfer agent (MTA), it's job is to handle the delivery of the mail, picking it up and sending it to the next point on it's route. Like postal worker, whose job is to take an envelope and carry it to the recipient. But sometimes you need to extend it's functionality with some other job, like adding attachments to only specified email messages.

MSH Traffic Policy it's a milter which extends basic MTA functionality with powerful tools.

Add attachment to outgoing mails

Think about task when you need to add PDF file to each email message which is going to @gmail.com recipient. There is only one answer Recipient Condition with Add Attachment action.

Message Recipient condition and Add Attachment action

After defining rule with these condition and action, mail which are going to @gmail.com recipient will be send with an attachment.

If you need to:
  • manipulate attachments and remove, strip and count them, 
  • manipulate sender and recipients, block messages, and filter using keywords 
  • add disclaimers 
  • and many more
you should learn more about MSH Traffic Policy.