Thursday, June 26, 2014

Postfix & Sendmail - Out of Office Reponder - Unauthorized Access

Out of Office Assistant is a solution for Postfix and Sendmail. It's a milter which extends mail server functionality with client side auto replies, aka out of office. It's give users option to turn on or off auto reply, define reply message and set time range when out of office reply will be send.

Administrator Panel it's a center management application of server settings and users out-of-office states, thanks to it assistant could remotely change users OOF state.

Access to server only for specified users

After installing of Milter on mail server, everyone could connect with Administrator Panel to it. Anonymous connection is enabled. It's need to be changed.

On  Access Control page in Administrative Tools node option Enable Access Control option need to be selected.

Out of Office Assistant Access Control page.

When selected administrator should define users which could have access to server settings. In this example admin and lucas users where created. After saving settings, access to application will be blocked against unauthorized access.

Mozilla Thunderbird integration

To give users option for setting Out of Office state by own add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird is provided. It will seamlessly integrate with email client and will provide everything what is needed to set up vacation auto reply.

Mozilla Thunderbird add-on.

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