Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Client side OOF with Postfix, Sendmail and Thunderbird

Most MTA'a doesn't have out of office functionality. To achieve this you need a use 3rd party tool. It must seamless integrate with mail transport agent, give possibility to change status for each user. Administrator should be able to manage all users out of office states.

For example, you have 50 employees in company, each user have mailbox on Postfix or Zimbra. None of this mail servers provide manageable by users out of office states. Users cannot change their OOF status when leave on vacation, also manager could not do it for them.

MSH Out of Office Assistant

There is one application which will provide this functionality, MSH Out of Office Assistant it's a milter application, it extends mail transfer agents and mail clients, like Thunderbird.

Thunderbird extension doesn't need any adjustments.

How it works?

You need to install server side module on Postfix or Sendmail. With administrator panel you're able to create custom Thunderbird extension. Next send it to users, they should install with mail client. Plugin is preconfigured, so it don't need any adjustments.

These three steps are sufficient to setup environment with out of office functionality.

Learn more about MSH Out of Office Assistant. It's free up to 15 users.