Friday, May 30, 2014

Need Postfix Autoresponder?

Zimbra, Sendmail or even Postfix by default doesn't come with built-in server side auto reply mechanism. You're left on your own and it's your job to build something which will behave like autoresponder. On variety of sites there could be found scripts, applications or some other clever workarounds to achieve this vacation/out of office/name-it functionality. Like Autoresponse (deprecated on December 2012), auto responder in Perl or GNARWL

They all do the job, but only in limited way, what if you want to: 
  • Add variables from LDAP based on sender
  • Limit sending auto replies based on time range
  • Protect against loop between servers (sending autoreplies in a loop)
  • Skip some recipients, which will not receive autoreply
  • Forward original incoming message to another mailbox 

The best way is to use 3rd party tool dedicated to this job. 

MSH Autoresponder it's a milter for Zimbra, Postfix and Sendmail mail server. 

Use administration panel to set up auto reply server side rules.
Administrator panel will give you a possibility to manage multiple rules for separated users, domains or groups. 

This application can compose auto reply messages with variables from LDAP, it protects against message loops between servers, supports many conditions and exceptions which can be used to send auto replies and many more. 

Learn more about MSH Autoresponder and try it for free.