Monday, October 28, 2013

Filter all recipients with Postfix and Sendmail

I've heard several times that someone wants to block message, save attachments or add disclaimer only to one type of emails. To messages which are from/to specific group of people.

Example: save attachments from all messages but skip messages from one particular domain, so if email is sent only to recipients then don't save, otherwise save.

to  :

to  :
cc  :

to  :,

to  :
cc  :

HOW TO DO IT? Use MSH Traffic Policy!

First we need to define new Save Attachments action. It needs absolute path to directory where files will be saved. Path supports advanced variables, so it's possible to build hierarchy of directories based on message properties. Attachments have variety of file names, for example "...dont wait.jpeg", if file will be directly saved to disk, on some system may not be available or will be hidden (first dot). Select "Replace first dot with underscore in attachment filename" option to prevent this, now attachment will be saved as "_..dont wait.jpeg".

Save Attachments action
Now it's time do make some conditions and exceptions for our case. First we need to define condition which will match all messages, we can use Message Sender condition with asterisk as a value.

Exceptions should skip messages which are addressed only to recipients. If at least one recipient is not then attachments should be saved. Select Message Recipient exception, it will search for * addresses using wildcards. Also regular expressions (regex) can be used to match more sophisticated pattern. Recipients must be searched in all fields TO, CC, BCC. Our exception must be true only if all recipients are matched, otherwise it should fail.

Recipient email address pattern and searching options


This is only one example of condition/exception matching message recipients. MSH Traffic Policy application offers many variety options to check/parse/match any message value (like size, type or attachments count) and with much more actions so that your work with email servers will be more fun.

Maybe you're looking for something different:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Exchange Autoresponder - server side auto replies

MSH Exchange Autoresponder is transport agent extension that allows you to create server side auto responses on the basis of configurable criteria.

With administrative desktop application you will create and manage auto response rules, like common auto reply messages, vacation e-mails, marketing or support auto replies.

Administrative desktop application which helps with creating auto reply rules.

Compose Auto Reply Messages

You have control over auto reply subject, body content and additional custom message headers. Subject and body content support Active Directory variables so each auto reply message can be personalized based on an auto reply sender.

Advanced Time Scheduling

Use multiple options in which an auto reply rule will be active. With this functionality you can create rules which will send auto replies all the time, only on holidays, Christmas or specified hours.

Forward Message to Another Mailbox

Autoresponder rule can send forward to your assistant when you are out of office. Changing the subject of forward is very useful when you want to distinguish it from original message.

Protect Against Loops Between Servers

When other auto reply software not follow the standards there is a possibility to create a loop between servers. This is very dangerous situation when two servers non stop sends auto replies to each other. With this protection you will define how many times application will send auto replies in specific period of time (ie. in an hour, day) to the same recipient.

Change Autoreply Sender Address

When email is sent to specific user, auto reply can be sent from group.

Integrate with Active Directory

Application can integrate with Active Directory, so auto replies can be personalized with data from directory service.

To learn more visit MSH Exchange Autoresponder website.