Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zimbra email disclaimer and signatures

Email disclaimers aren't a problem when they're simple, but when we want them to be more sophisticated it's a pain in the ass. Appending simple text to message is not enough for our bosses, marketing department, company compliance and our customers - they need something more.

Many "solutions" for adding signatures don't work out of the box, they're complicated and have weird configuration. They're only workarounds for a real problem. Solution is simple - use software designed for adding disclaimers and signatures to any type of messages.
  • What you cannot do with common tools on the market: 
  • skip adding another disclaimer if already present in the message 
  • add different disclaimer per domain or group 
  • set time range to use different disclaimer on the vacation and Christmas 
  • and so on... 
This milter extension for mail servers, like Postfix, Sendmail and Zimbra it's a sophisticated application which works in the background and does heavy duty email processing.

Message in Thunderbird with appended disclaimer

To learn more read full article about disclaimers with your mail server.