Friday, May 31, 2013

Limit the number of emails sent by users

The MSH Traffic Policy have ability to to track how many emails are sent by particular user.

To enable this feature use Message Count Based on Sender action.

This condition will be true when user john.doe@server.local will send more than 200 emails per day.

When condition is defined it's time to create action which will be invoked when emails count reach limit. Block Message action with custom message for sender.

After these simple steps, user will be able to send only 200 messages per day.

Learn more about MSH Traffic Policy.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to forward certain emails to another mailbox

If you have scenario where you need to forward some messages based on something else than bare Postfix and Sendmail configuration, you need to use MSH Traffic Policy. It provide many conditions which can be used to match certain emails and skip those which not matters. Just a few what can be used:

  • Message sender, recipients and headers
  • Message recipients counts
  • Attachments name, type, size or count
  • Envelope sender and recipients
  • Based on message count

Simple step by step configuration

Create new rule clicking Add Rule button.

On Action tab click button Add and select Forward Message from many listed actions, see full list of actions.

When new window will open provide subject and recipient of forwarded message. In Subject field you can use advanced variables to distinguish message.

Now when action is defined go to Conditions tab and add Message Recipient condition. 

You can choose Wildcard or Regular expression pattern when matching message recipient. Search in option will let to match specified message headers: TO, CC, BCC.

Switch to Name tab and provide descriptive name for rule. Click OK button.

Now make sure you have enabled your new rule and click Save All button to persist settings. Now all emails which was originally sent to jake@server.local will be forwarded to dave@server.local.


This was simple configuration where messages could be forwarded based on specified domains, mailboxes, message header or event time range. 

Learn more about MSH Traffic Policy server side rules.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MSH Disclaimer & Signatures 1.0 released!

MSH Disclaimer & Signatures is a Postfix and Sendmail milter which add disclaimers to all types of messages: html, plain text, incoming, outgoing, per domain.

With administrative application you will create rich text disclaimers and signatures. Templates can be added based on sender, recipient, header, keyword or time range.

Compose templates editor

Add Disclaimers

Create server side, centralized disclaimers for all or only specified messages. Add signatures to outgoing emails and prevent from adding another one. Use built-in HTML and Plain Text compose editor to create rich text disclaimers.

Prevent duplicates

Skip adding another disclaimer if already present in message.

Disclaimer Compose Editor

Use simple WYSIWYG html and plain text editor to create rich text disclaimers.

Visit official website and improve your company emails.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zimbra, Postfix, Sendmail: Add disclaimer per user, per domain, per anything

With this application you'll improve your email experience a lot. Are you using Sendmail, Postfix or Zimbra? If yes then this software is for you.

Append HTML and Plain Text template disclaimers to all users or only per domain, the server side disclaimers are now here. With this release simple html compose editor is included to make better experience with application.

At first I will show result from automatically added signature to the email. Below is a screenshot from Thunderbird mail client. I did sent message in html format, so mail server plug-in could add html template. The grey "warning" part is my earlier created disclaimer.

Mail disclaimer added to HTML message

So, the most important thing is to create template which will be used as disclaimer. Editor can create HTML and Plain Text templates, they are used in messages in all formats. Compose editor support basic function to create html template, like: font family, font size, bold, italic, underline, text color and hyperlinks.

Signature Disclaimer template html and plain text compose editor
After that, we need to define conditions. I'll use simple Message Sender requirement for this, but application provide a lot of different conditions and exceptions which can be used to determine if disclaimer should be appended or not.

If needed footer will be added to all emails 

The best way is to define requirement which will prevent from adding another disclaimer to the message - Message Keyword Searching exception.

Those simple three steps will take into action centralized disclaimers for your mail server. With different requirement many - even complex conditions can be achieved:

  • add disclaimer only to specified users, 
  • only to outgoing messages, 
  • per domain,
  • with special header,
  • almost anything.

MSH Disclaimer & Signatures support Zimbra, Postfix and Sendmail, it's easy to install and configure, and creating a new disclaimer template is a lot of fun. Try it for free.