Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Conditional always_bcc only for outgoing messages

Sometimes there is a need to clone all outgoing or incoming message traffic and forward it to specific mailbox. When using Postfix always_bcc configuration parameter can be used, with Sendmail external milter is needed.

Solution for Postfix have pros and cons, as it name says it will add BCC sender to ALL emails without exception, you cannot specify certain mailboxes or monitor only outgoing messages. It will even match bounce messages.

If you need add blind carbon copy per domain or skip specific e-mail address you need to use third party milter. With MSH Traffic Policy automatic bcc based on rules is easier than you think.

For our example I will assume than our internal domain is This will let us to create rule which will behave like conditional always_bcc functionality.

Create new rule and begin with Add Envelope Recipient action. This will work as "add bcc recipient" because we will not add BCC header to message, so it will only have envelope recipient, which is not visible to the end recipient.

Provide email address for mailbox to which you want to forward all messages.

Next you need conditions which will match messages. On Conditions tab select from Add button Message Sender condition. 

For our scenario we assume that we want to add BCC recipient to all outgoing messages. 

Use name of your domain, so to each message which will have sender from BCC will be added (with email address with our example).

Good idea is to exclude email address which receive all messages, so on Exceptions tab add Message Sender exception and provide address.

On Name page provide name for you rule, i.e always_bcc, click OK button.

Save All settings on main application window.

See all conditions which have MSH Traffic Policy, because with them you can create sophisticated rules which match any messages you want: with certain attachments, specific subject or message size.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Send an auto reply and forward original message to another mailbox

It is a common situation when you are using an autoresponder you want to forward received messages to another account.

I.e. some company could have support mailbox with an auto reply and need to redirect original message to attendant who is responsible for manage supports cases.

MSH Autoresponder can accomplish this task with forwarding build it functionality.
Autoresponder Rule Wizard - Forward page
Configuration is simply, when you want to forward all incoming emails you need to select Enable forward option. Provide in field To email address of user which will receive all mails. In Subject field you can change original message subject to something which will distinguish our forward from original message. In this field variable $SUBJECT can be used which will be replaced with original message subject.

If redirection to multiple mailboxes is needed then email addresses can be separated by comma.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to send auto replies only on weekends?

New advanced time scheduling options in MSH Autoresponder 1.3 will give you a better experience with time settings.

Take a look.
Advanced Time Schedule - auto replies for Postfix and Sendmail
Advanced Time Schedule - auto replies for Postfix and Sendmail
Old time range settings now are split and we have global time range and hours range. With this change you can set auto reply to be sent all day long or with a simple From-To hours range.

The new feature is Daily pattern option which give you a possibility to set active rules only at particular days in week.

If you want to sent auto replies all week then option No pattern must be selected but when you're out of office at weekends then Daily pattern comes for the help with Sunday and Saturday option.

Check this new feature and your autoresponses will be like never before.

With those features which MSH Autoresponder have you can throw away vacation and forward scripts to bin and never look back.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Automatic add attachment to message

If you need to simply add some attachment to every or only to specified message (like from specified sender, recipient or by message subject) try this. MSH Traffic Policy with Add Attachment action will be best solution for this scenario.

When you have defined your condition (see all available options), choose Add Attachment action from menu.

New window will be open. Provide an absolute path to file which is located on server. In our example I'll use /usr/attachments/brochure.pdf file.
Add Attachment with Postfix and Sendmail

After saving changes, to all messages which are matching conditions brochure.pdf attachment will be added.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

MSH Out of Office Assistant for Postfix and Sendmail

MSH Out of Office Assistant is solution which extends Postfix and Sendmail functionality with client side auto replies.

Mail Client Extension

Mail client extension seamlessly integrate with Mozilla Thunderbird.
MSH Out of Office Assistant in Mozilla Thunderbird photo

Central OOF Administration

Administration application provide central management of server settings and users out-of-office assistant settings. Loop protection and prevention of sending auto respond to mailing lists or spam settings can be easily configured with it.
Server administration over out of office user settings.

Application can be used for FREE up to 15 end users.